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Hi and welcome to Keepsakes and Portraits, I guess you are here to find out who the person is behind the brand. Let me introduce myself. I’m Emma Emerson, an artist based in Colchester, Essex and a mother to my one year old son, who I hope will grow up to be as creative as his parents. 

Before I explain the why and how behind my business I have some questions for you:


Do you have a special memory of a pet or person? 


Is that pet or person still with you today and if so, do you have that unspoken thought that they will not be around forever?


Were you able to capture them in a photo that is either stuck on a phone reel or hidden away in a photo box? 


If the answer to these questions are yes then this where I can help you. I can bring this special pet or person from hiding in your phone or photo box and bring them to life by capturing their essence on paper. The hand drawn portraits I create allows their personality to live on through art by bringing the human touch that photographs cannot portray. 


Whether this special pet or person is still with you today or not, we can celebrate their life by working together to connect you to them by either helping you engage positively with the bereavement process or to be more present with them if they are still around today. 


Art is a powerful emotive tool to depict emotions and feelings that I can make accessible for you by providing an emotional transformation from when you look at the drawing, to connecting you to a special memory or feelings of your special one.

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 My passion for drawing started when I was a young girl, I just loved to draw things trying to make them look exactly like the reference picture, from an animal photo to copying Pokémon from my brother’s playing cards. 


I take a lot of pride in my work and my favourite part is trying to capture the soul of the subject through their eyes. My love for wildlife and the natural world drives my desire to experiment with using different mediums and techniques to do justice to the reference picture. Such is my love for wildlife art that I even convinced my art teacher at school to allow me to draw animals for one of my senior exams, despite his preference being for landscapes. 

Art, as a career, is something I feel blessed to be able to do, as is creating bespoke, lifelike keepsakes together with people and hopefully, you. Should you chose to work with me, rest assured that I use artistic grade pencils and pastels and acid free paper to ensure that the memories the portrait will bring last a lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. ‘Let’s create together’ and create a keepsake to treasure forever.

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